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Thank You, Sydney

It is an honour to again have the opportunity to represent Australia’s most diverse electorate and I reaffirm the commitments I made during the campaign. I will work hard with the Sydney community over the next four years to make our area a better place to live.

The overall vote on Saturday 24 March shows that the Sydney community continues to support my work as State MP and Lord Mayor of Sydney. Sydney supports a community-based Independent approach and is increasingly disillusioned with the major parties. The vote shows continued support for socially and environmentally progressive approaches.

I look forward to continuing to work with all sections of our diverse community to achieve long-term solutions for urban problems; for crime prevention and street safety; for effectively managed urban consolidation, with increased services and open space; and for public transport, cycling and walking to be given greater priority. I will continue to work for a government that is open and accountable, and which balances economic policy with the needs and rights of people.

My Independent campaign was the result of many hundreds of people who contributed time, effort and funds, and they share this success, with my two-candidate-preferred vote increased.

Yours sincerely

Clover Moore MP
Member for Sydney
Lord Mayor of Sydney

Clover at the Francis Street polling place, East Sydney, 24 March 2007.

  Vote 1 Clover Moore Independent for Sydney

  Sydney electorate results (25/03/2007)


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