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Policing & Safety

While the major parties continue the law and order bidding war, I work for compassionate and practical solutions for the complex and significant crime problems of our densely populated area.

Inner Sydney is Australia's most densely populated area, with severe crime problems (including drug trafficking and street violence), complex policing needs (such as large numbers of visitors and a concentration of entertainment, sporting and cultural events) and continuing problems with homophobic violence.

Sydney needs community policing, with adequately resourced local police who know the complex local situation, who work out of local stations and who are on the streets to prevent crime and target known hot spots. While crime has dropped, police understaffing threatens foot patrols and preventing policing. I continue to push for adequate resources.

I work with Police Local Area Commands, particularly through PACTs (Police Accountability Community Teams), to keep police accountable and in touch with community concerns.

I work with State Government to get increased resources and programs for problem areas. The Rocks, City Central, Kings Cross, Surry Hills, Redfern and Newtown Police Commands all have significant concentrations of licensed premises, and international research shows that crime and anti-social behaviour are linked to larger numbers of licensed premises

To strengthen local action, the City of Sydney is developing a range of policies, including a Night Trading Development Control Plan to guide development of future late night venues; a Drug and Alcohol Strategy; a council-wide Safe City Strategy and targetted responses for known problem areas, such as the Oxford Street Safety Strategy, developed with representatives from NSW Police, the NSW Attorney General's Department, Surry Hills Licensing Accord, ACON and the Lesbian and Gay Anti Violence Project.

I welcome Woollahra Council's Crime Prevention Plan, particularly action on stealing and motor vehicles in Paddington, safety audits and community building to help address concerns. I also support Woollahra Council's action on domestic violence, and alcohol-related crime and anti-social behaviour, including work with local Liquor Accords.

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