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Sydney needs a planned, sustainable, integrated transport system that provides for public transport as well as for the needs of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. This requires an integrated transport blueprint with a single State transport authority to co-ordinate services.

The Federal Government's "Sustainable Cities" House of Representatives report, tabled in September 2005, shows the way forward for our cities in key areas, including planning, building design, energy, water and, importantly, transport.

The report, which received bipartisan political support, stressed the critical role that an accessible and sustainable transport system plays in maintaining Sydney's economic, social, and environmental security. The report identified light rail as an overlooked mode of transport, despite both its health and economic benefits.

In Sydney, investment in toll roads has taken precedence over public transport. Despite urban consolidation policies, public transport infrastructure has been allowed to decay. "Just add more buses" is the State Government's response to Sydney's increased demand in public transport, and the Government is failing to provide a long-term solution.

Sydney is the nation's global city and it drives the economy with over 350,000 people working in the city. It generates $63 billion in economic activity. If we fail to address Sydney's transport problems, congestion and travel times will increase, and Sydney will lose investment, jobs and economic growth.

An integrated traffic and transport blueprint that co-ordinates all modes of transport services is critical for the secure future of greater Sydney. There should be one authority charged with co-ordinating all transport, including roads, as part of a planned and well-integrated transport network.

In Parliament, I voted for the long-delayed T-card system for public transport, which will integrate ticketing for all transprot across Sydney, and improve travel times, accessibility and affordability.

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