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Supporting Social Housing Tenants

From eNews 535 – Friday, 25 February 2011

Last week I met with social housing tenants from Surry Hills to report on my work and give tenants an opportunity to hear from and ask questions of senior Police, Council and Housing NSW officers. For the first time in my 22 years of holding meetings in Surry Hills, Housing NSW did not send a representative to meet with tenants.

I updated tenants on my work in Parliament and City action in the area, including safety improvements and local services.

Tenants who regularly use Ward Park told me they were pleased that with Council's decision to permit dogs off-leash in the park, and said that recent improvements have seen more people using the park.

We welcomed the new Surry Hills Police Commander Tony Crandell, who committed to increasing the visible police presence. Dominic Grenot, The City's Public Housing Liaison Officer reported on the trial of a sharps disposal program on the Northcott Estate, a proposed pedestrian crossing for Belvoir Street and recycling education for local tenants.

Following the meeting, I have asked Housing NSW's Area Director to respond to tenants' concerns about communication with Housing NSW officers, waste management and rats.

I hold regular open meetings with Public Tenants across the Sydney electorate and meet next week with Millers Point tenants.

I thank the Neighbourhood Advisory Boards, tenants associations and volunteers who work with me for their help with these meetings as well as their work to improve their communities and support others who need a hand.


  Millers Point Public Tenants Meeting, Wednesday 2 March 2-4pm Abraham Mott Hall.

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