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Cocktails For Clover

Clover's supporters are getting together to share a drink, catch up and show their support for Clover's re-election in the 2011 state election at Cocktails for Clover. Join us for a non-party party.

Unlike the major parties, Clover does not accept donations from developers or large corporations, a relies on local community support to fund her campaigns, as well as hundres of volunteers to run it.

Cocktails for Clover
28 October 2010
6.30pm - 8.30pm
Strangers Dining Room
Parliament House

Tickets are $120 or $250 for a gold ticket which includes a tour of Parliament House.

RSVP as soon as possible, and before 20 October by downloading the RSVP opposite and emailing it to rsvp@clovermoore.com, faxing to 8212 8948, posting to PO Box 600 or calling Kay on 9331 6412.

Why no invite your colleagues, friends and family?


INVITATION - download and email it to invite your friends

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