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Nominate Your Scientist

Member for Sydney

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Member for Sydney Clover Moore MP has called on community members to nominate local scientists and science teachers for the 2010 NSW Scientist of the Year awards.

“This is an opportunity to acknowledge the achievements of those excelling in science research and practice, with the promise of $85,000 in prize money as well,” Ms Moore said.

“We can also celebrate high school teachers for their work inspiring student learning in science or mathematics, with an award just for teachers.

“Teachers play a vital role in students’ decisions about continuing their interest in science and can help students to take up a career in science.

"The Awards cover six categories, with $5,000 in prize money to each category winner, as well as an overall NSW Scientist of the Year award valued at $55,000,” Ms Moore said.

This is the third year of NSW Scientist of the Year Awards, which offer one of the highest science award prize-pools in Australia.

The six award categories are: Environment, water and climate change sciences; Physics, earth sciences, chemistry and astronomy; Biomedical sciences; Plant and animal sciences; Engineering, mathematics and computer sciences; and Leadership in teaching secondary science and mathematics.

The 2009 NSW Scientist of the Year, Professor Stephen Simpson, carried out research on locust swarms.

"I hope students and community members will consider nominating inner city scientists and science teachers,” Ms Moore concluded.


  Nominations close 6 August 2010, with winners announced September

  Details and forms www.osmr.nsw.gov.au

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