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Light Rail Solution to Moore Park Mess

Member for Sydney

Friday, 25 June 2010

Clover Moore MP has called on the NSW Government to provide light rail to Moore Park and UNSW as the solution to congestion and gridlock problems at Moore Park.

“I welcome the Premier’s commitment that Moore Park will not be transferred to the SCG Trust, and it’s vital that we now develop a long term solution to the gridlock at Moore Park caused by large sporting events,” Ms Moore said.

The Premier has instructed the Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust and the SCG Trust to develop solutions to traffic, transport and parking problems at Moore Park within a month.

“The packed public rally at Paddington Town Hall on Wednesday night showed the high level of community concern about any loss of precious parkland.

“I thank the more than 600 people who attended Wednesday’s rally, and those who bombarded the Premier’s office with emails and phone calls to express their outrage. I’ve submitted more than a thousand signatures on petitions to Parliament this week, and more are coming into my office every day,” Ms Moore said.

“The Premier has heeded the call to protect the parklands for now. Light rail will solve these longstanding problems,” Ms Moore said.

“I’ve repeatedly called for the Government to provide light rail to move large numbers of people to the sporting stadia and major events. Light rail can move more people, and is quieter, faster and cleaner than buses.

Light rail on an Oxford Street, Flinders Street and Anzac Parade route to the sporting stadia and the University of NSW would move thousands of people and dramatically reduce congestion, and permanently remove car parking from Moore Park.

“Patrons for events at the stadia and parklands need adequate transport so they don’t need to drive and park on the parklands and sit in gridlocked traffic,” Ms Moore said.

"Moore Park is part of the 1811 Macquarie Bequest to the people of Sydney, and the community is committed to protecting the parklands from alienation and commercialisation.

"The community and event patrons should get behind light rail to solve the problems for adjacent residents and those attending events,” Ms Moore said.

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