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Sydney Harbour Marina Development

Question without Notice

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Premier Keneally: As the member for Sydney is aware, the proposal that she refers to is subject to the part 3A process and will need to be determined through our independent merit assessment process, which is something the New South Wales Opposition either supports or does not support depending on the day and the project. In terms of the broader issues regarding the harbour itself that the member for Sydney refers to, as she would be aware, there are many aspects to Sydney Harbour. Currently the New South Wales Government is undertaking, for example, a master plan process for the Bays Precinct, and through the community reference group the city of Sydney is involved in that process.

We are also undertaking the project at Barangaroo, which, again, the city of Sydney is part of because it is a determination of me and of my Government that we work in partnership with local councils, particularly on projects that have significant impacts for the State as well as important impacts for local communities. There are many examples of where we are working with the city of Sydney on a number of key projects. Indeed, the Lord Mayor and I are involved in the process of a memorandum of understanding, which was announced as part of the Metropolitan Transport Plan.

On the specific project the member for Sydney raises, in 2008 NSW Maritime gave its permission for a proposal to be launched to upgrade the Elizabeth Bay marina. That consent expired last year. The proponent applied to renew the consent and that has been granted. On 25 February 2010 NSW Maritime informed the proponents that their proposal had passed a safe navigation assessment. Permission to lodge an application does not indicate the authority is for or against the development, only that it has passed basic navigation and commercial leasing tests. Planning approval is a matter for the consent authority and it is done in accordance with the Sydney Regional Environmental Plan. We will continue to work through the merits of this assessment, and we will, of course, work with local government, as we always do.

Clover Moore MP: My question is directed to the Premier. Will the Premier put a moratorium on marina development in Sydney Harbour in order to prepare a master plan with full public consultation, given that consent powers were removed from councils to enable Government to have a holistic approach to planning for our harbour but which is resulting in continuing inappropriate overdevelopment such as the current proposal for a 40-berth marina at Elizabeth Bay?

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