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Community Services

Sydney is an attractive and vibrant city, with a rich mix of people from diverse social, cultural, religious and economic backgrounds. As an inner-city representative for a diverse community, I strive to serve all people equally.

A rapidly growing residential population of over 150,000 lives in inner Sydney, with the working population swelling to around 350,000 each working day. While Governments have encouraging more people into the inner City, a legacy of poor planning nas failed to guarantee standards of services and facilities for a sustainable living environment.

Through the wide range of Council programmes, work at a State level to get action from the NSW Government and advocacy federally, I defend the services and facilities needed for an expanding city population and fight for a better and safer living environment.

I believe that through practical and compassionate action, we can find solutions for the tough social problems faced by major cities throughout the world, such as homelessness, mental illness, and drug and alcohol addiction.

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