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Salary Trust Fact Sheet

Answers to your questions about the Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP Salary Trust. Information about eligibility and the application process is included.

What is the Clover Moore MP Salary Trust?

Clover Moore MP established the Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP Salary Trust (the Trust) after she was elected as Lord Mayor of the City of Sydney in March 2004. She receives a salary as a NSW Member of Parliament, and donates 100% of her Lord Mayor’s fees for charitable purposes through this Trust.

The Trust is registered with the Australian Tax Office as a tax exempt charity and Deductible Gift Recipient.

The Trust aims to help people to rebuild their lives, promote animal welfare and support community environmental and sustainability initiatives by funding innovative projects that may not otherwise occur.

Can the public donate to the Trust?

Members of the public may make tax deductible donations to the Trust, and it welcomes contributions. Donations from property developers will not be accepted. Any donations inadvertently received from developers will be refunded if they have not been used.

Who manages the Trust?

The Trustee is an incorporated association established by Clover Moore MP for this purpose. This association has a committee who manage the affairs of the Trust:

  Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP, Lord Mayor of Sydney and Member for Sydney – President

  Richard d’Apice AM, solicitor and charity advisor – Secretary

  Gerard Gooden, solicitor and Notary Public – Treasurer

  Marcelle Hoff, Deputy Lord Mayor and City of Sydney Councillor and community activist

  Roy Bishop, Electorate Officer for Clover Moore MP.

What organisations will be funded?

The Trust can only fund organisations that:
1. Operate wholly or partially within the City of Sydney Local Government Area;
2. Are a legally recognised body such as an Association, Cooperative or Corporation;
3. Have benevolent status under Commonwealth tax legislation (Income Tax Assessment Act 1997, subdivision 30-B); and
4. Are endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient and tax exempt by the Australian Taxation Office.

While organisations eligible for funding from philanthropic trusts and foundations usually meet these criteria, please check eligibility before applying. Organisations that don’t meet the criteria may find another organisation that meets the legal requirements to auspice their project.

What sorts of projects may be funded?

The Trust will consider funding innovative projects that:

  Enable people to rebuild their lives, particularly people whose lives have been adversely affected through alcohol or drug dependency, mental illness or social disadvantage; or

  Assist homeless people or young people at risk;

  Promote animal welfare; or

  Provide community environmental and sustainability initiatives.

As the Trust has limited funds, it will focus on innovative projects that make a practical difference with real outcomes. It cannot provide ongoing funding, or guarantee additional funding once a grant is made.

Preference will be given to projects that are not currently funded by Government agencies or for which there is no other source of funds.

When may organisations apply?

Organisations may apply at any time, however the Trust may also advertise with closing dates. The Committee meets as needed to consider applications in hand.

How much money is available?

The funds allocated depend on the income received by the Trust. Depending on the applications received, funds may be allocated to one or two larger projects (say $25,000) and a number of smaller projects (say up to $5,000).

How will the funds be allocated?

The Committee will allocate funds according to the information provided in the application, the needs of other projects to be funded, the total funds available and its own assessment. The committee may seek further information from applicants and discuss proposals with them.

The Trust has procedures to ensure all applications are treated equally and fairly. The Trustees make the final decision on distributing funds, and will not reconsider decisions that have been implemented.

When will be grants be distributed?

The Committee expects to distribute grants as decisions are made.

What reports are required?

A written receipt is required for distributed funds, stating that the money will be used only for the agreed project. Successful applicants will be asked to provide a report on project outcomes and expenditure within six months of the allocation of funds or the end of the project. The Committee is keen for grant recipients to use newsletters or other avenues to inform the community.

How do organisations apply?

The Trust has developed a simple Application Form, and all applicants should use this form. Applications must be accompanied by supporting taxation endorsements (deductible gift recipient and tax exemption) and the applicant’s most recent annual report.
No other supporting material should be included and the Trust will not review additional material.

Application forms are available by writing to the Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP Salary Trust at the address below or from www.clovermoore.com/LMTrust/
There is information on funding submissions and funding sources at www.communitybuilders.nsw.gov.au/funding.html

Where do we send the application?

All applications should be posted to:
Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP Salary Trust
Locked Bag 510
Balmain Post Office NSW 2041

Updated 11 March 2011

  Fact Sheet (PDF file) (1/01/2007)