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City East Police Local Area Commands

Question without Notice

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Minister Whelan: I assure the honourable member for Bligh that no decision has been made on the proposed restructure, and I will reiterate the hurdles that have to be overcome. The community has to consult with Police Service officers. The officers involved in the city-east region would have to agree to the amalgamation. Until all those arrangements, and the massive community consultation that I expect to take placeó

Mr Tink: Massive?

Mr WHELAN: Yes, it is massive. This is a very serious issue and the principal reason that the Government was entertaining it was that there was a prospect that we could put more police on the streets in the city-east region; and it was suggested that almost 100 additional police would be provided. The Government did not want to reject that proposition out of hand. When I receive the commissioner's advice I will certainly inform the honourable member.

Clover Moore MP: My question without notice is to the Minister for Police. What is the outcome of the Minister's discussions with the Commissioner of Police about a green paper proposing the amalgamation of local area commands in inner-eastern Sydney, a proposal consistently rejected by the local community? When will the green paper be released?

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