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Open Space and Recreation Needs Study

The City's Open Space and Recreation Needs Study will guide provision of park and recreation areas for the estimated 40,000 people expected to move into inner Sydney over the next 10 years.

The City of Sydney has 377 hectares of open space or 2.36 hectares per 1000 residents. Of this, the City owns or manages about 187 hectares, or 1.12 hectares per 1000 residents.

As a comparison, the common benchmark is 2.4 hectares per 1000 people. New York has 1.8 hectares per 1000 people, San Francisco has 3.1 hectares per 1000 people and City of Melbourne has 7.38 hectares per 1000 people.

Historic development patterns, high land costs and a legacy of inadequate planning have increased pressure on limited open space. Without careful planning, increasing population over the next ten years could reduce the open space ratio from 2.36 to 1.88 hectares per 1000 people.

While there is limited scope in inner Sydney to significantly increase the ratio of open space, the City's Open Space and Recreation Study recommends improving access, use and linkages for existing open space, with recreational opportunities carefully targeted to the needs of local communities.

Major recommendations in the study include:

  Ensuring that accessible open space is within a 500 metre walkd for all residents.

  Increasing the number of sports and recreational activities in the local area.

  Creating a north-south corridor of networked open space, linking the Domain in the north with Sydney Park in the City's south.

  Completing the east-west corridor along the harbour foreshores from Glebe's Bicentennial Park to Rushcutters Bay Park

  New playgrounds to meet the needs of areas with a rising number of parents with young children, including a major children's playground at Cook + Phillip Park for CBD workers and nearby residents.

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