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Wentworth Park

Question without Notice

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Premier Nathan Rees MP: I thank the member for Sydney for her genuine interest in this matter. I am concerned at all times to protect open space for recreational purposes but also to ensure the ongoing viability of greyhound racing at Wentworth Park. I used to work with a gentleman called Michael Blissett, who won the Greyhound Trainers Premiership with a dog named Bosun's Mate after it had broken its leg. I know firsthand how seriously the thousands of greyhound racing supporters take their sport; unable to resist the majesty of greyhound in full flight.

I am advised that the total grassed area at Wentworth Park, both at the northern and southern ends of the park, is in the order of 8.5 hectares. I am further advised that the area of land sought for hard surface courts to be used on occasion for car parking is less than half a hectare. I am concerned that an agreement be struck between the City of Sydney and Wentworth Park. I am happy for the head of my department to meet with the officials of the member for Sydney to negotiate an outcome.

Clover Moore MP: I direct my question to the Premier. Will your Government return the trusteeship of Wentworth Park land recently handed to the Sporting Complex Trust for car parking back to the City of Sydney for much-needed community recreation for Ultimo and Glebe residents, given there is an under use of on-site trust parking as well as on-street parking during 95 per cent of events?

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