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Current location: Home > Issues > Planning & Development > More Strata Reform Needed - Forum 28 July 2009

More Strata Reform Needed - Forum 28 July 2009

I invite apartment residents and owners to attend my forum on Strata legislation reform to provide ideas and comments on proposals for a Private Members Bill.

Apartment living is a growing lifestyle choice for the inner city that can mean walking or cycling to work and less time on maintenance.

But high-density living brings new challenges that require protection and I am working on proposals for legislative strata reform. Proposals could restrict disruptive short-term rentals and ensure Owners Corporations get all plans from developers.

Apartment owners and residents are invited to my public forum to provide feedback, ideas and comments on my Discussion Paper for a Private Members Bill on Strata legislation reform, which will be available soon.

Attendance at the forum is limited. You will need to return a completed NOMINATION FORM to my office. We will use this information to ensure a cross-section of the community attends. We will contact you if you are successful.

Download my Discussion Paper here.

You can also provide comments and feedback to my office after the forum.

Forum Details

Date: Tuesday 28 July
Venue: Theatrette, Parliament House, Macquarie Street Sydney
Time: 6.30 pm to 8.00 pm. (6.00 pm registration).

Click HERE to download a PDF nomination form. Click on the "PDF Files" link below if you need more information about PDFs.