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In Parliament, Clover uses opportunities available to her to seek information and action on issues affecting inner Sydney.

In a Westminster-style parliamentary democracy, the Government is collectively accountable to and responsible to Parliament. One way for Parliament to access the information it needs to keep the Government accountableis the formal processes for asking questions.

In the NSW Parliament, this process has two categories: Written Questions and Verbal Questions.

Written Questions are placed on the Legislative Assembly's Notice Paper (its agenda of business), requiring a response from the Minister within 31 calendar days.

Verbal Questions are asked orally during Question Time in Parliament each sitting day. Question Time provides an opportunity to seek action on vital issues in a public forum as well as seeking new commitments.

You can read all of Clover's questions in the NSW Parliament's Hansard:

  Written Questions: www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/prod/la/qala.nsf/QnsPubl....

  Verbal Questions: www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/prod/parlment/hansart.ns... (see items marked "QWN").

  Mining Exploration Licences (25/11/2010)

  Moore Park (24/06/2010)

  Sydney Harbour Marina Development (19/05/2010)


  Inner City Affordable Housing (25/11/2009)

  Wentworth Park (22/10/2009)

  City East Police Local Area Commands (6/09/2009)

  Sydney Liquor Taskforce (3/09/2009)

  Inner-City Alcohol Abuse (25/06/2009)

  Woolloomooloo Homelessness (13/05/2009)