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Harmony Park, Surry Hills

On 18 November 2006, the City of Sydney officially opened the 7000 square metre Harmony Park, the first new city park in decades.

Harmony Park’s emphasis is on landscaped open and green space for casual activity. It is a place to come and relax for 5,000-plus residents and workers within the surrounding area.

The park includes an in-ground water storage tank that will collect storm water, treat it and purify it for reuse in the irrigation of the park grounds.

The history of this park goes back to 2000, when the local community raised alarm about a proposed electricity substation, extremely close to the recently renovated Sydney Mansions apartment building, the former Mark Foys warehouse.

Over the following year, I met with residents in local businesses to build a campaign to relocate the substation; I raised the matter in Parliament; called on the Minister for action; and met with the former Sydney Lord Mayor to seek support.

An agreement was reached for the substation to be relocated away from homes to the Surry Hills Police Centre car park, with the City purchasing the rest of the site for public open space when construction was complete.

As Bligh MP, I supported the long-term vision to transform this site into parkland and I welcomed the opportunity as Lord Mayor to complete the project.

Harmony Park is located between Campbell, Hunt, Brisbane and Goulburn Streets, Surry Hills.

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