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Clover Backs Small Business

Member for Sydney

Thursday, 2 August 2007

Clover Moore MP supports local business in “Pollies for Small Business Week”, helping to sell groceries at the Everspring Chinese Supermarket and welcome customers at Zilver’s Restaurant on 2 August for Small Business Week.

“I am proud to support local small businesses, who create jobs and wealth,” Ms Moore said.

“Last year I wrapped and sold books at Berkelouw Bookshop, and this year I am happy to help out behind the counter at the Everspring Chinese Supermarket and meet and greet customers at Zilver’s Restaurant in Haymarket.

“The Chinese community has made an enormous contribution to life in Sydney. Chinatown is a lovely and vibrant icon with great restaurants and shops that attract visitors from all over the world and support Sydney’s economy,” Ms Moore said.

“Small businesses employ large numbers of people for their size, and provide goods and services that meet specialised individual needs. The variety of small businesses in Haymarket contributes to our “City of Villages”.

“The City of Sydney Business Awards celebrate and encourage excellence in small to medium sized businesses, and this year, the fourth annual awards have attracted 13,020 nominations, a 41 per cent increase on the votes last year. I look forward to opening this year’s award ceremony on 12 September, “ added Ms Moore.

"As Lord Mayor of Sydney, I championed the Business Support Program to help business groups revitalise local commercial and retail precincts for the benefit of local communities.

“This program provides grants to business associations and Chambers of Commerce for projects that encourage and stimulate local business, develop the knowledge and skills of local businesses, and develop and retain local retail, commercial and professional services.,” Ms Moore concluded.

Pollies for Small Business is a joint initiative of the State Chamber of Commerce (NSW), local chambers of commerce and Australia Post. Politicians donate some time to work in a small business within their electorate to kick off Small Business Month in September.

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