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Surry Hills Policing

Member for Sydney

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Clover Moore MP welcomes NSW Police action to improve policing in Surry Hills, following a meeting with the Central Metropolitan Regional Commander Cath Burn and the Deputy Commissioner for Field Operations Dave Owens.

“Senior police detailed a new Operational Strategy and management team to respond to crime and anti-social behaviour in the Surry Hills Command, particularly around the “hot spots” of Oxford Street and Taylor Square.

“I have been calling for high level intervention to address assaults, robberies and homophobic abuse,” Ms Moore said.

“Responsibility for major events management will be shared with other Commands, freeing up Surry Hills police to focus on local crime and safety.

“New mobile teams will be responsible across the inner city for entertainment zones, car enthusiasts and public order freeing local Commands to focus on local concerns. I’ve called for a Street Safe Task Force to manage major incidents like alcohol-related street crime and anti-social behaviour,” Ms Moore said.

“I welcome new Surry Hills Police Commander Donna Adney and new Crime Manager Shayne Woolbank, and will meet with them to identify how we can work together to improve safety and prevent crime.

An Inspector will take responsibility for relationships with the lesbian and gay community, and High Visibility Policing operations will continue. There is now a permanent Crime Prevention Officer and additional Licensing Police are promised under coordinated regional management. Joint Police/City Ranger patrols will continue.

Ms Moore thanked the former Commander and Crime Manager for their efforts in this complex policing environment.

“Surry Hills requires a fully staffed Police Station and a strong visible police presence on the streets late at night; a full time inner city Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officer to work with the lesbian and gay community; a strategic response to homophobic violence including; and effective licensing enforcement.

“Up to 10,000 people visit the area each Friday and Saturday night and 20,000 people live within walking distance of Oxford Street: responsive and effective policing is vital,” Ms Moore said.

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