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Clover Moore, Independent Member of NSW Parliament 1988-2008

Clover is one of the most active members in Parliament and has been a leader in informing and involving her communities in a broad range of issues including open accountable government, the defence of public land and assets, the need for better public transport, people’s safety and security, health, social equity and services and the environment, particularly the imperative for more sustainable ways of living.

Democracy and Reform

* 1991-5 Memorandum of Understanding with minority Government established a Charter of Reform, which included 4 year fixed terms of Parliament, FOI Act expansion, increased independence of the Ombudsman and Auditor General, reporting of political donations, external scrutiny of lawyers, whistleblower legislation, legal standing for environment groups to challenge Government decisions, greater independence of the judiciary and reform of Parliament to allow individual MPs to better represent their constituents.

* 2002-6 Successful Private Members Bill to open public contracts to scrutiny through the Freedom of Information Amendment (Disclosure of Contracts) Bill.

* 2005-8 Opposed the progressive weakening of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act through exclusions and exemptions for “major projects” and “critical infrastructure”, exemptions from heritage and environmental benefit requirements, and reduction of community information and participation.

Environment, Public Lands and Open Space

* 1989 Clover led the community campaign to retain the magnificent Woolloomooloo Finger Wharf, which the Government and Opposition finally agreed to in 1992.

* 1989 Clover set up the Sydney Common Defenders and led the campaign to stop the sale of the former Sydney Showground and ES Marks Fields for development when the Agricultural Society moved to Homebush.

* 1992 Her Private Members Bill Centennial Park And Moore Park Trust (Macquarie Sydney Common) Amendment, to retain former Showground in public ownership was passed by Parliament.

* 1989/90 Clover succeeded in protecting public access to Seven Shillings Beach on Sydney Harbour by her amendment to the Local Government Act.

* 1992 Clover Private Members Bill to protect South East Forests passed in the Legislative Assembly and was used by Premier Carr as model for far-reaching forest protection legislation.

* 1995 Clover was a leader in the successful community campaigns to stop the sale of Moore Park Golf Course and locating McDonalds fast food outlet in Moore Park.

* 1995 Negotiated along with community leaders to win community benefit from Royal Hospital for Women site redevelopment, resulting in a new park for Paddington managed by Woollahra Council.

* 1995 Campaigned to support the preservation of Gardens of Stone National Park.

* 1995 Amendment to Olympic Coordination Bill to ensure Rushcutters Bay returned to public access and temporary Olympics marinas removed.

* 2000 Campaigned successfully to stop super-marina proposals at Elizabeth Bay and Rushcutters Bay, continuing a 20 year battle to retain foreshore land for public recreation.

* 2001 Successfully lobbied to relocate the new Surry Hills electricity substation away from homes with a related commitment to landscape the former police car park as new parkland for Harmony Park, which Clover completes as Lord Mayor.

* 2003 Supported community campaigns for Pyrmont Water Police site to become park, which is eventually achieved when Clover’s team won city government in 2004.

Traffic & Transport

* 1991-7 Successfully campaigned for Eastern Distributor local area benefits including traffic calming for Bourke and Crown Streets, extensive landscaping in Moore Park and an end to car parking in major areas of the parklands in Surry Hills and Redfern.

Constant campaigning for better bus services and against service cuts got State Transit Authority to attend her public meetings. New 352 and 355 cross-suburb routes achieved, but cuts to some bus services. Clover saved the Elizabeth Bay loop for the 311 bus route. 2007 Kings Cross 999 Late Night Bus piloted, and made permanent in 2008 after Clover lobbied the Minister for Transport.

* 2002 Parliamentary revelation by Clover of a $97 million payment to Government deal with Cross City Tunnel operator, which inflates tolls.

Safety and Policing

* 1994 Royal Commission into NSW Police, an Independent initiative spearheaded by John Hatton exposed widespread police corruption and led to major policing reforms for the State.

* 2000 Clover campaigns to reinstate community policing and retain local Police Stations.

* 2007 Clover’s Small Bars Bill proposed and eventually subsumed into new Liquor Act following community and media campaigns to address safety in 24 hours entertainment zones, provide an alternative to “beer barns” and expand opportunities for new creative talent, especially music.


* 1991-2 Successful in getting boarding houses exempt from land tax, with Private Members Bill to reform Land Tax assessment and extend low cost housing exemptions.

* 2002 Northcott Community Development Worker appointed to address longstanding community distress, achieves improvements in tenant safety and amenity and a stronger local community.

* 2003 Redfern Community Room opened for Department of Housing tenants, offering activities and work programs.

Health and Community Services

* 1988 Participated in the Parliamentary Liaison Group on AIDS, chaired session at the Hobart National AIDS Conference, and lobbied for increased HIV/AIDS funding.

* 1989 Clover made submissions to National AIDS Strategy.

* 1998 Member of Parliamentary Joint Committee on Medically Supervised Injecting Centre, but project not supported by Government and Opposition.

* 1998 St Vincent’s Hospital saved in its Darlinghurst location, with new and upgraded facilities completed in 2000.

* 1999 Participated in Drug Summit that exposed the extent of drug problems and got Government attention. Clover actively campaigned for reform, and successfully moved the motion to set up a Medically Supervised Injecting Centre trial.

* 2001 Supported community campaign to retain inner city schools.

* 2002 Clover achieves $7 million funding for Redfern Waterloo Project to address longstanding social problems around “The Block”.

* 2003 Medically Supervised Injecting Centre trial is successful and extended another 4 years.

* 2003 Continued campaign for mental health funds resulted in $28 million for Caritas psychiatric facility upgrade.

* 2004 Increased funds for Gorman House drug detoxification service, and Clover’s Lord Mayor Salary Trust helping to fund a full time service.

Gay and Lesbian

* 1988-9 Clover petitioned Parliament to support Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras.

* 1992 Clover was the first Legislative Assembly member to march in the Mardi Gras Parade.

* 1993 Clover’s Private Members Bill to outlaw homosexual vilification passed.

* 1997 Significant Personal Relationships Private Members Bill not passed in the Legislative Assembly, but became a model for the Tasmanian law, on which Victorian legislation was based.

* 1999 Clover supported Property Relationships Bill, which recognised same sex de facto relationships.

* 2001 Clover lobbied successfully for User Pays charges exemptions from NSW Government for Mardi Gras and other community festivals.

* 2003 Supported age of consent reform, and continues to campaign for equal legal treatment including adoption, discrimination and relationship recognition.

Animal Welfare

* 1999 Clover got amendments to the Companion Animals Act to ensure all Councils provide leash free areas.

* 2007 Clover introduced Animals (Regulation of Sale) Bill to stop impulse buying and pet mill cruelty that results in 60,000 dogs and cats being killed each year.

Engaging with Community

Clover and her team work with the community – keeping them informed through weekly emails and regular newsletters, and she consults at community forums where she reports on her work, gets community feedback and takes up concerns on behalf of the community at Council and in Parliament.

Clover’s office works closely with local Police Commanders to get prompt action on crime and safety concerns, and with public housing tenants to hear directly from them and support improvements to homes and community.