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Clover Moore Independent Team

City of Sydney Council Election will be held on 13 September 2008.

The Independent Team is seeking re-election for the City of Sydney local government elections to ensure that our City continues to have progressive independent leadership that is strong, committed and visionary.

Over the past four years, we've unified the amalgamated City and refocused it on the needs of our diverse communities. We've completed major capital works and enhanced local services, while maintaining prudent financial management and secure financial reserves.

Many practical improvements across the City demonstrate our commitment: new and improved parks; upgraded footpaths and public domain; more street trees and garden beds; new library, community and recreation facilities; strengthened heritage and development controls, increased notification and consultation, increased homeless support and community safety strategies.

Some of our most visible projects include Redfern Park; the Water Police Site park; Sydney Park wetlands and playground; the Glebe Foreshore Walk; Paddington Reservoir restoration; Surry Hills Library and Community Centre; Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre, Customs House Library and upgrades for Redfern and Regent Streets, Oxford Street and Glebe Point Road—with still more underway and planned, particularly for Green Square.

This is a critical time for our City, our communities and our environment—but none of the major parties are planning for our future. Through expanded consultation, we’ve developed Local Action Plans to protect and enhance our neighbourhoods and villages; and we've engaged residents, business and government in establishing the Sustainable Sydney 2030 vision for a green, global and connected city.

These carefully consulted and developed plans articulate our commitment to you:

  environmental leadership to tackle global warming and sustainable renewal;

  transport planning that makes walking and cycling easier and safer;

  vibrant, active and involved local communities, with attractive and liveable villages;

  services and facilities that support our diverse communities and people in need;

  attractive and usable public domain and parklands;

  a globally competitive, creative and innovative city; and

  a City of Sydney Council that remains open, accountable and well managed.

With Clover’s continued leadership as Lord Mayor, the Independent Team has the experience in planning, administration and community involvement to work with you to implement the vision for Sydney.

We ask for your continuing support.

Indepdependent Team: Lesley Lynch, Di Tornai, Andrew Duckmanton, Phillip Black, John McInerney, Robert Kok, Clover Moore, Marcelle Hoff, John Wardle.

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