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East Darling Harbour

While the redevelopment of East Darling Harbour is crucial to the future of the CBD, current planning is being fast-tracked without appropriate infrastructure commitments, without effective public consultation and without adequate research into traffic and transport implications.

East Darling Harbour, renamed Barangaroo by the State Government in October 2006, is the 22 hectare port precinct on the western edge of Sydney's CBD owned by the NSW Government. When stevedoring operations leave the site in late 2007, the site will be redeveloped, including an 11 hectare foreshore park.

The State Government's concept plan, which sets out the proposed rezoning and redevelopment of the land, was publicly exhibited in late 2006. The Concept Plan outlines the mix, scale, location and height of the proposed built form and land uses, including some 400,000square metres of gross floor area. The dominant use will be commercial, but the site will also include retail, hotel, residential and community uses.

I am concerned that the proposed pedestrian and public transport access to the site will be inadequate to meet the increased working and residential population. Proposed building heights are also out of scale with the existing City skyline and should taper down toward the water. More work is also needed on how retail on the site will integrate with the surrounding area, supporting rather than undermining the CBD.

There is need for significantly more and better consultation. A redevelopment project of this size, complexity and importance needs better than the legal minimum consultation to properly engage local residents and businesses, as well as the wider Sydney community.

The City of Sydney made submissions on each stage of the International Design Competition, as well as the recent Concept Plan public exhibition.

Further information, including the Concept Plan, is available at the NSW Government's promotional website, www.barangaroo.com.

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