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Democracy & Reform

I co-authored the Charter of Reform, the most radical reform agenda proposed in state politics this century, aimed at opening up political decision making processes, increasing scrutiny of public administration, making Freedom of Information more accessible, protecting Whistleblowers and strengthening the independence of the Auditor General, Judiciary and Ombudsman.

I am committed to continued reform of Parliament and the political system to implement the principles of the Charter of Reform.

Democracy and Social Justice

Only Independent members in the Legislative Assembly voted against fundamental changes to our democracy, including using the threat of terrorism to justify detention of people who havent committed a crime, and allowing courts to accept majority jury verdicts.

Open and Accountable Government

Following Parliament's adoption of my Freedom of Information Amendment (Open Government - Disclosure of Contracts) Bill, Government contracts worth over $5 milion must now be open to public scrutiny and information about smaller contracts must be made public. In the wake of the Cross City Tunnel furore, disclosure of publice/private partnership deals will give greater public confidence in major infrastructure projects.

Ethics for MPs

As a member of the Legislative Assembly Privilege and Ethics Committee, I helped develop a new Code of Conduct for Members of Parliament, and amendments to the Constitution (Disclosure by Members) Regulation. Our recommendations would expand the definition for bribery, require greater disclosure of secondary employment, provide clearer guidelines for financial disclusure and mandatory updates, and require MPs to avoid conflicts between personal and public interest.

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